At Femi Adeoye & Co., we recognize that operating a business is no simple task. To assist you in overcoming your largest obstacles and achieving your goals, we provide a variety of advisory services. With years of experience, our team of professionals will closely collaborate with you to create unique solutions that advance your company.

Our advisory services are listed below:

Femi Adeoye & Co Advisory

We will assist you in investigating financial fraud, conducting valuations, analyzing financial data, and providing litigation support in the event of a dispute.

Our business consultants work closely with clients to understand their goals and develop strategic plans to help them succeed. The process involves assessing the competitive landscape, identifying growth opportunities, and developing financial projections.

We provide our clients with various services to help them grow their businesses. It includes market research, identifying potential acquisition targets, and developing business plans.

Planning for the future is vital for any business, especially when it comes to ensuring a smooth leadership transition. Our team assists clients in developing succession plans that identify key roles and responsibilities, evaluate potential candidates, and provide guidance on the transfer of ownership.

Our team of experienced accountants can provide various accounting services, including bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, payroll processing, and tax planning and preparation.

With the help of our financial planning and analysis services, we can estimate your sales, find areas where you can save costs, and assess your financial performance. Our strategic planning and execution services are geared toward creating long-term objectives and a plan of action to reach them. In order to keep you in compliance with the laws, we may also assist you in identifying and managing risks.

As part of our business process improvement services, we streamline workflows and enhance business processes to boost productivity and cut expenses. We can also assist you with tracking important metrics, identifying opportunities for development, and putting strategies into action to increase your bottom line with our performance management and optimization services.

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